Lucy Mecklenburgh out in London last week

Lucy Mecklenburgh out in London last week

Towie’s Lucy Mecklenburgh has undergone a transformation of late, and it’s safe to say that her break-up with love-rat Mario Falcone has done her the world of good.

Lucy looks hot and it’s all down to her new fitness regime, which she has decided to share with us all.

Abs like slabs? Here we come.

This week saw the launch of her brand new website, Results with Lucy, something she has been promoting heavily for the past month or so.

People have been so eager to see her fitness regimes and her healthy living plan that the site crashed once it had been launched.

The brunette beauty tweeted from her Results With Lucy account:

"Wow so much traffic to the site and we have crashed!!! Thank you for your understanding our technical team are working as fast as possible"

The fitness website shows video routines for different workouts, all of which Lucy completes with her personal trainer, healthy eating tips and soon-to-be-launched weekly newsletter and all you have to do is subscribe for £3 a week.

Lucy is a living testament to showing that this sort of lifestyle works and she’s encouraging her followers by tweeting images people have been sending in of their progress too. Plus, all you have to do is look at a picture of her in a bikini.

Lucy is also sharing images of how to do certain exercises

And now she’s helping you to get in shape too.

By following her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook you get quick snippets of workouts, tips and motivation, but of course you have to subscribe for the full experience.

Lucy has transformer her lifestyle for the better and now she’s helping you to do it as well. 

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