Never before have so many Brits been so taken with athleticism, fitness and sport - but how many of us who were inspired to run a marathon, take part in a triathlon or take up swimming are now seeing our enthusiasm wane once the Olympic and Paralympic flames have been extinguished?

While many of us had good intentions after London 2012, as winter approaches staying motivated can be difficult, especially as the weather gets colder and the nights get longer.

And let’s face it, without the prospect of Games medal in four years’ time to inspire us, forcing ourselves out of bed early to go for a run or heading to the gym after a long day at work can seem rather unappealing.

But while our elite athletes obviously put in long hours of training, they also have a secret weapon – escaping to a warmer climate to make the most of training in the sunshine.

Gabrielle Nathan was one of a select group of journalists chosen to ‘Follow the Footsteps of Team GB’ on a tailor made tour of their training base – also a popular tourist hotel – put together by Orestis Rossides of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (himself an ex-professional athlete) in the lead up to London 2012.

Gabrielle is a firm believer in making exercise a part of our daily lives, whether we’re an Olympic champion or a mum with a 9-5 job.

She was fascinated to experience an insider’s guide to training as an elite athlete – and discover that it’s possible for mere mortals to follow their lead. 

So how can you match getting in shape, Olympic-style, with a relaxing holiday? And what’s her advice for staying motivated come rain or shine, on holiday and at home?

Listen to the podcast below to get all the tips and information you need. 

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How to train like an Olympic athlete