As we draw ever-closer to the finale for the ninth season of Big Brother Canada, another houseguest has been evicted, just missing out on competing in the final, all-important HOH competition.

That person was Kiefer Collison, who many have said is playing one of, if not THE best game this year.

Kiefer Collison was taken out of Big Brother Canada at final four / Picture Credit: Global
Kiefer Collison was taken out of Big Brother Canada at final four / Picture Credit: Global

We caught up with Kiefer to chat all about his game, why Tera took him out and more…

Going out at this point would be tough for anybody, so how are you holding up?

(laughs) Eh, it actually feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and an immense feeling of relief has gone over my body, so I’m actually feeling really well.

You’ve had quite the journey during your time in your House; what have been some of your favourite moments and best memories?

Honestly, I think right off the bat, going into the house, being voted one of Canada’s favourites and being the Captain of Team Defender had to be one of my favourite moments.

Then, winning my very first Veto was a huge moment and later in the game, when I won the double eviction HOH, that felt really good as well because that was always a goal of mine - to be an HOH during a double eviction.

I had a lot of great moments in there.

What do you think was your single best move in this game?

Aside from being a part of The Trap Door and thinking of The Trap Door on Jedson, I think surviving being backdoored myself when Jedson put me up and I had to sit next to Tina. Surviving that was a huge accomplishment that not many Big Brother players could say they could do.

So yeah, and I fought my way through to final four after that so, I felt pretty proud.

What about your game would you have changer looking back, if anything?

Honestly, I don’t think there’s much that I could change or would want to change. I had a big checklist of everything I wanted to do in that house. The only thing I didn’t get to check off was winning Big Brother Canada, so I’m feeling pretty happy about the game that I played.

I don’t think there’s anything I could’ve changed, because I might’ve got taken out a bit earlier if I’d changed anything.

Why do you think Tera decided to take you out at this point rather than Breydon?

I think she thought that she couldn’t beat me, even if she won at three. So, I think she made a great decision in cutting me and, she’s playing with her head and not her heart, which is something that is extremely tough to do when you’re living under those conditions in the Big Brother Canada house.

If you had made it through to Final 3 and won that important final HOH, who would you have taken to Final 2 with you and why?

I would’ve taken Tychon, because I knew it would’ve been a guaranteed win against him; I knew he didn’t have the best Jury management and I had been working with Tychon pretty closely throughout the entirety of the game. So, I most likely would have taken Tychon.

You’re now a member of the Jury and have a say in who will win this game. What are you looking for in your winner of this season?

Honestly, all three who are left in the house deserve to be the winner of this. They have a huge couple competitions coming up and they have a bigger decision of who they want to sit next to, so all of those are going to have to play a factor in who I decide is going to get my vote.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how things play out. I got a great perspective on the house because I felt like I was always on the right side of the house when I needed to be so, I’m just really looking forward to seeing how things play out in the final HOH.

Is there anything that’s top of your list to find out from your fellow Jury members?

No, nothing really! (laughs) I feel like I got all of the information while I was in the house. I’m just excited to be hanging out with Tina again in the Jury house and seeing Spicy Vee again, so yeah!

It’s all love. I understand that it was a game and it was a lot of hard work and I was here to win, and though I didn’t get that chance maybe some day I’ll get another opportunity and maybe prove that I can do it.

This has been one of the most diverse Big Brother games not just in Canada but across the world. How does it feel to be a part of that?

Honestly, I just got goosebumps, you saying that, because I get to represent my indigenous people throughout Canada and the world.

It was a big responsibility for me being the only indigenous person inside the house; I was kinda hoping I had another person there to share that weight with and we could represent together, but it was just me in there and I hope I did my community and my people proud, because this is just the way that I live. I’m just a kid from the Rez and to go in there and do big things, hopefully shows a lot of kids from the Rez that they can go out there and do big things and make big changes, in any avenue. It doesn’t have to be on TV, it can be at home, it can be in their schools, in their communities, wherever it may be, so hopefully that’s the message I conveyed and, that’s the message that they picked up.

Finally, if you were asked to come back to a future season of Big Brother Canada, would you do so?

I would 100% come back, only under the pretence that I was an All Star. Being called an All Star feeds my ego and I would love to be considered a Big Brother All Star (laughs). But I think that people might be gunning for me earlier in the season, which I’m used to, so it would be a challenge and I’d love to come back and compete again.

Big Brother Canada Season 9 concludes this week on Global.

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