The cast of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! 2020 / Picture Credit: ITV
The cast of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! 2020 / Picture Credit: ITV

After weeks of swirling rumours about exactly who would be taking part in a history-making 20th season of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, ITV have revealed the 10 famous faces that will be making their way to Wales amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Though some of those taking part would have been expecting a trip to Australia and a stint in the stunning Versaca Palazzo hotel, the ongoing covid-19 virus plaguing the world put plans on travelling to the other side of the world on hold.

Instead, the cast and crew are setting up camp at Gwrych Castle in Wales, which looks to be the creepiest setting for I’m A Celeb to-date, despite the lack of local snakes and deadly spiders! Could spirits be lurking in the shadows?

So, exactly who will be putting their nerves of steel to the test in this year’s competition and hoping to emerge as the first King or Queen of the Castle? Check out the full cast below:

Sir Mo Farah, CBE

Sir Mo Farah, CBE / Picture Credit: ITV
Sir Mo Farah, CBE / Picture Credit: ITV

Hoping to take the role of cook in the camp, Sir Mo Farah, CBE is excited for people to see him doing something other than running. As the most decorated track and field athlete in modern Olympic Games history, audiences will be expecting a lot from the star.

Explaining his reasons for going on the show, he says: "I've watched it on telly and thought to myself I would like to challenge myself and see what I can do - and so that is the whole reason behind it.”

He continues: "I am excited and it's definitely sinking in now. It's so out of my comfort zone but I just want to go in there and be myself. I am most looking forward to meeting different people, getting challenges thrown at you and working as a team.”

Farah does however admit that he is “fearful of everything that moves - all animals!” That could prove to be a major challenge for the sports legend, if he’s voted to take part in a series of trials and challenges!

"I am hoping there will be a task where you are given a photo," he says. "I am going to miss them [his family]. My eldest child knows and she thinks I am crazy! My wife thinks it is hilarious and she has told me she can't wait to watch!"

Beverley Callard

Beverley Callard / Picture Credit: ITV
Beverley Callard / Picture Credit: ITV

Coronation Street icon Beverley Callard has played one of the most recognisable faces on the cobbles on and off for over 30 years as Liz McDonald, but the actor promises she won't be turning up to her Welsh camp with a wonder bra and short skirt on.

"Well to be totally honest, I am just the opposite [to Liz]! I hate being dressed up and I don't care if my nails break either! I am quite at home in comfy baggy clothes.”

Having not breathed a word to any of her Corrie co-stars before heading to Wales, Callard thinks that they'll be shocked to see her on the show: "There was some speculation but I know they will have gone 'of course she isn't. Beverley would never have said yes to that!' So I think they will be shocked.”

Over the past few months, she's been spending her time recovering at home after major hip surgery. Callard says that meeting a bunch of new future friends therefore is an extremely exciting prospect. 

"I am not good at being at home and I have not met any new people for months, so this chance will be really good. Sitting around the camp doesn't bother me because it is a chance to chat!"

Shane Richie

Shane Richie / Picture Credit: ITV
Shane Richie / Picture Credit: ITV

One of Britain's most recognisable faces thanks to his work on stage and on screen, Shane Richie says he can't wait to be around other adults again after coronavirus brought his other work plans to a screeching halt. 

"You save money for a rainy day but you don't expect the rainy day to last six months," he explains. "Thankfully I've been able to borrow money from mates, my family and the bank and my wife is now very happy we can finally pay off the credit card!”

Richie's not afraid to admit he's hopeful further work could come after his appearance, explaining: "I do feel like I have come home. Everyone thinks of me as a BBC person but I am ITV. I was Mr Saturday night. Yeah I would love to do more entertainment shows again. If they said 'let's give Shanie a show," wouldn't that be lovely?"

Jessica Plummer

Jessica Plummer / Picture Credit: ITV
Jessica Plummer / Picture Credit: ITV

Whether you know her thanks to her incredible vocals laid upon tracks by her former band Neon Jungle, or watched through tears as her tragic storyline as Chantelle came to an end earlier this year in EastEnders, Jessica Plummer is one of the UK's most exciting rising stars.

Despite signing up for the series, Plummer admits she has a phobia in every regard when it comes to what could happen on I'm A Celeb: "I have got all the phobias! When my friends see me too, they are going to say 'what the hell? This doesn't make sense!' But I keep telling myself that it is good to face your fears.”

Though that's weighing on her mind, she is excited to meet her fellow campmates. "It's going to be a huge experience and a once in a lifetime opportunity. I am really excited about who I am going to be staying with and the whole aim is to work as a team to survive.”

Admitting she loves her food, Plummer says: "Maybe after two weeks, I will get used to it. But rice and beans are vegan foods - so they are good for you! I do think I will help with the cooking as I will definitely muck in with all the jobs."

Vernon Kay

Vernon Kay / Picture Credit: ITV
Vernon Kay / Picture Credit: ITV

Household name Vernon Kay has built his career in television fronting a whole host of different TV shows as presenter. Now, he's swapping that role to instead compete as a contestant, but admits he's going to struggle if "confined underwater". 

Kay says he's doing the show for his daughters, explaining: "It's a show they watch on a regular basis and they get behind the people in the camp. I think the fact I am involved in it will make it even more fun for them!”

Other than his family, he says that he won't be missing anything "as 2020 has been a kick in the nuts for everyone! I have not been working really this year and so we will have to see how this goes now!"

Hollie Arnold, MBE

Hollie Arnold, MBE / Picture Credit: ITV
Hollie Arnold, MBE / Picture Credit: ITV

As a Paralympic Gold Medallist, Hollie Arnold, MBE hopes that by taking part in the show this year, she'll inspire viewers to follow their dreams. "I don't want it to be about my disability," she explains. "Yes I have a missing arm and I am in the Paralympics but I want to show people nothing stops me and it shouldn't stop anyone else either.”

Along with her phobia of spiders, Arnold thinks that one of her hardest battles will be surviving on little food: "As an athlete, you have to intake a lot more calories as you have to fuel yourself for training and so it is going to be really hard to limit calories. I am not going to lie, I am probably going to be hangry Hollie but I will do my best to get myself and my teammates fed.”

Though she says she's not thought about winning I'm A Celebrity, Arnold admits "if I could get that far, it would be incredible and it would change my life! You just have to give it all a go. I am so excited!"

AJ Pritchard

AJ Pritchard / Picture Credit: ITV
AJ Pritchard / Picture Credit: ITV

Ballroom dancer AJ Pritchard has been missing from the Strictly Come Dancing floor this year, and his taking part in I'm A Celebrity may be the reason why! Admitting his phobias of height and confined spaces however, this could be a nightmare experience for the young future campmate.

When it comes to winning, he only gets one shot on the series and admits he would love to take home the crown, especially as he never lifted the iconic Glitter Ball trophy on Strictly.

He continues: "I am unbelievably competitive and whatever the challenge is, I will go for it. I will give everything 110%. I really appreciate life and I never take anything for granted. I will be trying to come back with the stars every single time and if I don't, I think I will be disappointed.”

As for eating rice and beans and not much else? "I think I will be hangry," he admits. "And I do think I will get upset at some point. I don't know why but I do know there will be a moment! It's only natural."

Victoria Derbyshire

Victoria Derbyshire / Picture Credit: ITV
Victoria Derbyshire / Picture Credit: ITV

Broadcaster and journalist Victoria Derbyshire thinks she'll take the role of the "shoulder to cry on" in the camp, despite being a fierce interviewer and taking interviewees to task whenever the need arises. 

"This is a mad thrill adventure that I want to take part in," Victoria explains, adding that she thinks her BBC colleagues will be shocked when they see she is on the show. "Because of cancer, I know more than lots of people, life is short. I am now saying 'yes' to stuff I wouldn't have done previously. And if I don't do my boys proud, I will never live it down!”

In preparation for the series, Derbyshire says she lets spiders crawl on her hand if she sees one at home. "Obviously it is only one but it makes me feel like I have achieved something!"

Jordan North

Jordan North / Picture Credit: ITV
Jordan North / Picture Credit: ITV

Describing himself as the "entertainer and the tidy up person", Jordan North is hoping that he'll be able to showcase his more vulnerable and 'real' side in the castle. He explains: "On my Radio 1 show, I am always bubbly and energetic but everyone has down moments too, so it will be nice for people to see what I am really like.”

Though his dream campmates President Barack Obama and Liam Gallagher aren't available to join the camp this year, North also says he is "so excited" to meet Ant and Dec: "I loved them on SM:TV doing Wonky Donkey!”

North is super thankful that his radio bosses have afforded him the opportunity to join the series, revealing: "I was a bit worried about asking for time off but my bosses have been so supportive. They were jumping for joy saying I had to do it when I told them." 

He jokingly adds: "Hopefully by going on I'm A Celebrity, it will keep me on Radio 1 for a few more years too!"

Giovanna Fletcher

Giovanna Fletcher / Picture Credit: ITV
Giovanna Fletcher / Picture Credit: ITV

Author and podcaster Giovanna Fletcher is hoping that she won't have to take on any challenges this series that involve heights: "My legs go wobbly and you can't rationalise it!” Missing her three children and husband Tom Fletcher of McFly fame in camp will however likely be her biggest challenge, as it’s going to be the longest time she’s ever spent away from her family.

Another member of McFly, Dougie Poynter, went into the jungle in 2011 and has been giving Fletcher support ahead of her journey. "He is excited by it," she explains. "He doesn't think I am bonkers going in as he knows how much I love doing things like this. I've done treks in the past and I know how great lifestyle things like this can be important for mental health.”

As for winning? "Being Queen would be an absolute joy," she replies when asked the question. "But I haven't thought that far ahead. Just doing the show is incredible because I am such a massive fan."

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! starts Sunday, November 15th on ITV.

Also this year comes I'm A Celebrity... The Daily Drop, exclusive to the ITV Hub and hosted by Vick Hope from a virtual studio. Each episode will be repeated on ITV2 following its broadcast on the ITV Hub.

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