Could getting fit together bring you closer together?

Could getting fit together bring you closer together?

The most romantic day of the year is almost upon us but, before you purchase that bouquet of roses, pop that bottle of Champagne and tuck into a lovingly layered lasagne with your loved one, stop and ask yourself:  truly how romantic will you be this Valentine’s Day?

Tough Mudder, the 10-12 mile military-style obstacle course event designed by British Special Forces, today release results from its survey of UK couples about their love lives and relationships.  The Tough Mudder pollsters found that the majority of couples believe that overcoming a physical or mental challenge together can make a relationship stronger which means doing something new together can really make a difference to everlasting love.

Of the thousands of people polled across the UK and Ireland, two thirds believe that making time to have fun and spending quality time together are the most popular ways to keep the romance alive. Whilst 60% of men and women believe that spending quality time with their partner has a major impact in the bedroom and enhances their sex life.

Unfortunately, over half of all couples believe that their hectic lives mean they don’t spend enough quality time together with their partner.  Worse still is the 25% of men who confessed to making no effort to be romantic or intimate except for once a year on Valentine’s Day.  A sad indictment on our love lives perhaps but happily the majority of respondents were extremely optimistic about their future and agree that trying something new, such as Tough Mudder, could reignite their passion this Valentine’s Day. 

Christine Webber, a Harley Street  psychotherapist and author of  12 books including ‘How to Mend a Broken Heart’, said upon review of the results:  “I am saddened  to see such a large percentage of the population only making the effort to romance their loved ones on Valentine’s Day. In my experience, couples who make the effort 365 days in the year – or at least on most of those days – build a far healthier and more exciting relationship.  And they generally achieve that by scheduling in more quality time.

“This isn’t always easy in our time-poor society, but it’s worth it because most people regard a good relationship as a key plank of happiness. Couples who socialise together, eat together, exercise together and take on challenges together keep their romance alive and reap the benefits of contentment and stability, which are so valuable and life-affirming.”

The results indicate that many couples across the country are unhappy with the level of intimacy in their relationships and would like to be more romantic with their other half.  To improve and increase the bond of a relationship, couples need to spend quality time together and should arrange to do so on a regular basis.  Quality time need not be expensive and can be as simple as going for a walk together however, setting a challenge or a goal to achieve together offers opportunities to create new memories and, most importantly, have fun along the way.

Sarah Harvey, Senior Vice President of Europe for Tough Mudder said:  “We aren’t surprised to see some of the responses from this survey since we believe that preparing and participating in an event like Tough Mudder brings lovers as well as friends and family together.  Tough Mudder events are a great challenge for couples to take on together. Fun is fundamental to the Tough Mudder experience and we urge anyone looking for a challenge, but especially couples this Valentine’s Day, to do something different – nothing says I love you like the gift of Mud.”

Lovebirds looking for a new challenge with their partner should visit the Tough Mudder website where they can book their very special Valentine’s Day gift.

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