Working out will help insomnia, just after four months

Working out will help insomnia, just after four months

A hard workout in the gym is going to tire you, but new research reveals it won’t help to cure your insomnia.

Exercising to help with sleeping difficulties is often recommended, and even experts suggest that it does have a beneficial effect. However, researchers found that the impact is not immediate and can take four months to kick in.

Dr Kelly Baron of Northwestern University in the US decided to analyse the daily effect of exercise after hearing her patients with insomnia complain that her exercise sugestions were not working straight away.

She told the Mail Online: “If you have insomnia you won’t exercise yourself to sleep right away. It’s a long-term relationship. You have to keep at it and not get discouraged.

Dr Baron said that persistence is very important. “People have to realise that even if they don’t want to exercise, that the time they need to dig in their heels and get themselves out there.” 

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