Make some time for you and your body today

Make some time for you and your body today

If we’re going to love anybody this Valentine’s Day, it should be ourselves, Valentine’s Day marks a date when several of us may have failed at our New Year’s resolutions and not managed to get back on the wagon.

February 14th should be a landmark date to rekindle the flame with our health and fitness regimes.

Whether you’re aiming to have your dream summer body or still working towards that healthier, happier new you then James Haskell, England and Wasps rugby player and founder of BodyFire, shares his top tips to help you fall in love with your body.

Swap those Valentine’s Day chocolates for vegetables! Although nutritional, we all know vegetables are no comparison in taste to chocolate, however if you stick to good old greens like asparagus it can work as an aphrodisiac for both males and females!

Work out with your partner! There are several exercises that couples can do together, not only does a bit of competition spur you on, but if you live by the saying “couples who sweat together, stay together” then you’ll come to realise exercise has a positive impact both physically and emotionally. Work with your partner to set goals and once achieved you can enjoy celebrating that achievement with your partner!

Consume coconut oil! Coconut oil is one of the most versatile and healthiest oils around. The benefits are endless, if there is one thing you’re going to be adding to your diet it should be this! It’s a great saturated fat that your body needs, and is full of MCTs to provide energy. It is very high in Lauric Acid and Monolaurin, which help support the immune system, killing bacteria and pathogens, which makes it ideal for people suffering from any digestive complaint. Use to cook with, have with a cup of coffee to boost your day and it can even be used to achieve beautiful hair and skin. Tagaloa organic extra virgin coconut oil is an essential food product for anyone serious about nutrition.

Boost your health by adding some supplements to your diet. I would recommend taking vitamin D, as this can help with recovery! We would normally get this from the sun, but at this time of year sadly a few rays are few and far between. I would also suggest taking some Omega 3 (EPA) fish oils which most people are deficient. Omega 3 helps in growth and repair, as studies have shown it can be a factor in helping prevent disease” says James.

Set realistic goals, if your New Year’s resolution to get fit hasn’t started yet, it’s not too late! If you have never trained before, it is asking a lot to promise yourself to train six hours a week, it is never going to happen. Set yourself the goal of training for 15mins every day or 3 times a week.

Make breakfast a habit. If you are one of the many that misses that first meal of the day, make this your first change and give your metabolism and immune system a kickstart each day. You will feel better come the start of work, and halfway through the morning, you won’t get that energy crash. If time is an issue, boil a couple of eggs in the evening while making dinner, or double up and cook something to have ready when you go to work. It is as simple as boiling some water in a kettle adding it to porridge. Going off having your shower, getting dressed and your breakfast is ready to eat.

Always opt for exercise. With trains, tube, cars and lifts it is possible to travel about all day while barely moving. Give yourself a small, but vital, bit of exercise each day by cutting one of these out. Take the stairs instead of the lift, walk the final bit of your journey instead of taking the bus/underground the whole way to work. Go for a walk with a friend or around a park. 20mins of walking 3mph a day can have dramatic health benefits.

Swap your alcohol for water! The health benefits are tremendous, it helps to keep your body temperature in check and protect your joints and organs by ensuring you always have a source of water nearby. However if you really do want a drink, think about avoiding really sugary mixers or the dreaded Alchopops. If you want to have a drink then a trusty Vodka, fresh lime and soda - is the lesser of evils, it’s reasonably low in calories. Cranberry juice is another good mixer to have if you don’t fancy the lime and soda approach!

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